Scott tries to get his relationship with Chloe back on an even keel and apologises for not being more supportive, suggesting that a break would do her good. She is concerned that he can't afford a holiday, but he insists that he can and starts making humble plans. But Charity gets wind of their plans and steps in with an offer of giving them some money to make it a luxury getaway. Chloe is delighted but Scott is convinced that Charity has intentionally stolen his thunder. Diane has taken Bernice's words to heart and deliberately dodges responsibility at the pub. Bernice arrives to find The Woolpack in chaos and berates her mum until she reminds her that it is Bernice's pub. After a heart-to-heart with Rodney, Diane makes a conciliatory approach to Bernice and is relieved to meet halfway. Mum and daughter agree that they should reach a compromise and Diane suggests that she becomes joint licensee. But things are still a little rocky at home for Bernice and Ashley is upset when he hears that Bernice spent most of her night out chatting with a stranger. Despite Bob's reservations, Viv is forging ahead with her plans for the café and sets out on a shopping expedition. Bob warns her that she hasn't yet been granted planning permission and warns her not to go splashing out. But his words fall on deaf ears and he is furious when she returns home armed with furniture. Cain is surprised but eager when Ray asks him to pick-up and deliver a car to a garage in Hotten. But the car is pranged by Emily en-route and, in sheer panic, Cain asks Scott to repair it. Cain is forced to cover his tracks when Ray catches up with him and asks him if the delivery went smoothly. Hindered by her drink-drive ban, Zoe is on the look-out for a driver and agrees that she could do worse when Charity suggests Craig.


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