Ray is not a happy man when he overhears Emily telling Cain that she intends to pay for the damage to the car he was delivering. Scott, meanwhile, is stunned to discover that the chassis number has been filed off the car. When Ray calls round to ask after the car, Scott promises to repair it quickly and with discretion. Ray is impressed and assures Scott that he will be paid well for the work. Scott is delighted and offers to take Chloe for an expensive meal, safe in the knowledge that it won't eat into their holiday fund. Charity snipes that she eats at the restaurant all the time, but Scott is feeling bolstered and enjoys needling Charity in return. Bob is surprised to see that Viv is still making café plans, and thought they'd agreed they couldn't afford it. But Bob is stunned when she reveals that she has solved their problem - by provisionally agreeing to re-mortgage the house. Bob is outraged and forced to look for a way to raise more money. He is delighted when Diane says he can have more work at the pub, but is fearful of Viv. Jack invites Katie to stay for tea but doesn't count on her dad's reaction. Brian is furious when she doesn't come home and makes it clear to Andy that he is concerned about their relationship. Ashley is angry with Bernice for not mentioning the man in the night-club and suggests that she is hiding something. She points out that he's got to learn to trust her again and their marriage will only work if they are completely honest with each other.


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