Diane is unhinged to see Viv following Bob into The Woolpack as he is due to start work. As Diane protests Viv replies that it is a public bar and she can come and go as she pleases. As Diane offers to show Bob how to change a barrel Viv follows as she is suspicious of why Bob has left the bar with Diane. Diane blows a fuse when she sees Viv behind the bar in a non-public area, although Viv claims she was looking for the toilet. Viv goes on to cause more problems by accusing Bob of flirting with Angie. Diane finally blows a fuse and bars Viv from the pub for good. On Bob's return from work he finds the door locked. As Viv appears she explains, in spite, that if she is barred from the pub he is barred from their home. Cynthia calls round to take Jack to the pub. Jack, seeing Andy moping about, suggests they invite Brian out. Andy's chuffed to see that Jack has done him a favour as Katie will be alone. He makes his way over. Andy and Katie make the most of their time together, sprawled on the settee kissing passionately. Eric is stuck for a partner to take to the Business Awards. Keen to raise his public profile Eric agrees that the 'confirmed bachelor' image isn't what he should be promoting. Zoe and Angie have their arranged drink in The Woolpack. The evening goes well until Zoe tries to make a drunken pass at Angie. Angie rebuffs her. Zoe, not prepared to take no for an answer, moves in to kiss Angie. Angie insists firmly that she is not interested and leaves Zoe in The Woolpack. Zoe is stunned to see that the whole pub has witnessed her pass.


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