Viv is still fuming over Bob barring her from The Woolpack. Bob tries to make his apology to Viv as he arrives at the shop with flowers. Viv eventually tells Bob he can come home on one condition, that he gives up his job in the pub and to work in her café. Bob explodes that the café was a terrible idea from the start. Viv is extremely hurt by this comment and takes drastic measures when she declares their marriage is over. Bob doesn't want their marriage to be over, but being a stubborn as Viv vows not to back down. Eric is wary taking Latisha to the awards ceremony. Eric asks Louise to attend the ceremony with him but she declines as Eric reluctantly gives Latisha £100 to buy a new outfit for the awards. Zoe hand delivers flowers to the Reynolds house and apologies to Angie for making a drunken pass at her. Angie confesses it isn't the first time a woman has made a pass at her and accepts the apology and flowers. Angie comments that she can't remember the last time she received flowers from a man.


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