Phil tries to force friendship between Jess and Maggie, asking Maggie to invite Jess for tea. There is conflict when Maggie has asked Jess to pass on a message about wanting her to work, Jess does not oblige. Maggie is annoyed when Nicola tells her of her plans to go shopping for the day. Phil, angry to hear of his daughters defiant attitude, is waiting for Jess when she returns from the shops. He confronts Jess about their ongoing feud and tells her she is coming back to the chalet to sort things out once and for all. Jess realises she is not going to win and reluctantly follows Phil inside. Paddy worries about Zoe's drinking as she knocks back the champagne at the awards. Paddy tries to be tactful, but Zoe denies there is a problem. Betty and Lisa are both shocked that Eric is taking Latisha to the awards ceremony. Betty warns Latisha to watch herself around him. At the awards ceremony Eric sees a blond woman and for a moment imagines it's Gloria. He then hears the familiar laugh that sounds like Gloria. Gloria is actually at the bash and has also noticed Eric and sharply tries to make an exit. Latisha sneaks Cain, through the fire exit into the business awards. Eric seeing Gloria's bolt, follows her and to her surprise as she tries to make a half-hearted apology for the money she had taken from him he ignores her apology and out of the blue requests her hand in marriage.


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