Cain is up to his usual tricks at the awards ceremony as he introduces himself as a businessman and proceeds to order champagne. Viv and Diane declare a truce but Viv is on probation. The village is stunned by Gloria's return. Although she doesn't take Eric's proposal seriously to begin with, but he gradually persuades her otherwise. Eric asks Gloria to come back to the village with him so that they can talk. She agrees. Gloria tells Eric of her new business venture with a friend. Eric is impressed and heartened as it is clear that she still has feelings for him. As they enter The Woolpack together Eric asks Louise to get champagne for everyone as they announce they are to be wed. At Victoria Cottage, after several drinks Tricia, Marlon, Bernice and Ashley decide to play Twister after dinner. Tricia puts a foot wrong and tumbles. Bernice is in shock as she questions Tricia why she is unbuttoning her cardigan. Tricia naively states that Marlon taught her how to play and the rules say if you fall over you must take an item of clothing off. As the game proceeds until Ashley finds himself in his underpants, Bernice suggests they make an exit at this point. Phil is pleased that Jess and Maggie have called a truce. Maggie and Jess agree that for Phil's sake they will bury the hatchet for now although they know they will never really get on. The Reynolds receive the good news that Marc has been chosen as a candidate for electronic tagging and could be home within weeks. Len and Angie both agree that if Marc could find work it would enhance his chances for the future. They both hope he will be able to get a job in the garage.


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