Gloria decides to go back to Hull to sort out her affairs before returning to be with Eric who is delighted that she is back with him. Eric gives Bob the sack, saying it is due to falling profits. Bob knows that it has more to do with Gloria. Gloria tells Eric that she intends to pay back all the money she owes him. She wants to start their relationship with a clean slate. Gloria suggests that Eric should stand for Mayor. Eric warms to this idea. They propose a toast. Bob wonders if he and Viv are really finished. Seeking some sympathy, Bob tells Viv about being sacked by Eric. Viv presumptuously assumes that Bob is grovelling for a job and pedantically admits she thought he would want a job in the café in the end. Bob is furious and bites back at Viv's comments saying she wouldn't work for him if she begged him. Diane offers Bob a full-time job in The Woolpack and Bernice's bedroom to stay in. Meanwhile, Viv is in the shop and is feeling suddenly very alone. Tricia plays cupid for Ray and Louise. Louise has admitted her feelings for Ray although she is worried that the feeling is not mutual. Tricia being her usual unsubtle self, drops more than obvious hints. Louise is embarrassed and apologises to Ray for Tricia's behaviour. Ray states it is a pity as he was flattered that Louise was interested in him.


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