Viv is delighted as she has been granted planning permission for her café. Bob arrives at the shop and Viv excitedly tells him her news. Unexpectedly for Viv, Bob exclaims that he has only come to collect his belongings. Donna tells Viv that she hopes she is happy with the café as it has probably caused the break up between her and Bob. Donna finds herself admitting that Bob has moved into The Woolpack. Viv assumes that he is with Diane and shouts that she will kill him. Viv storms into The Woolpack, spouting accusations at Diane about stealing her husband. She goes home in a rage, grabs Bob's belonging and throws them into a bin liner, storms back into the pub and empties them over the bar and onto the floor. Viv bars Louise from the shop. Tricia encourages Louise to strike while the iron is hot with regards to Ray. Louise wants to let things progress naturally. Tricia can't resist match making and plans to ask Ray out for Louise. Louise overhears Tricia's plans to interfere and to avoid any more meddling decides to ask him out himself. She invites Ray to dinner. Ollie admits to Donna that she likes Danny. Donna jokes that Danny might be gay.


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