Fresh from her verbal assault on Bob in The Woolpack, accusing him of having an affair, Viv is gifted the opportunity to make him jealous. Two burly builders, Mack and Syd, arrive to work on her café plans, and Viv can't resist turning on the charm. Ignoring Donna's claims that she is only trying to make Bob jealous, she flirts outrageously with them in earshot of Bob before proceeding to usher the new recruits over to the pub, But tension mounts and the fur begins to fly when a catfight breaks out after Diane challenges Viv for the attention of the builders. Bernice continues to feel insecure about her talents as a mother as Ashley naturally provides paternal perfection. But Bernice's doubts go beyond motherhood when Ashley suggests that they could have another child. Bernice's response says it all and she is horrified by the thought. Ray attempts to weave his seductive spell on Louise as he cooks her a romantic dinner.


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