Ashley is keen to discuss having more children with Bernice, but she makes it clear that it isn't a subject she wishes to pursue and he is forced to back down. Bernice confides in Tricia about her worries about bonding with Gabby and contemplates the mistakes she has made. Tricia reminds Bernice that she and Ashley have the rest of their lives together to sort out their problems. But instead of helping the situation, Tricia's comments only serve to trouble Bernice further. Tricia has better news of her own when her divorce papers arrive unexpectedly. She uses the opportunity to give Marlon an ultimatum about their future! She decides to celebrate her spinsterhood, seeing the divorce as a chance to start again and get things right with Marlon. Good bye Tricia FISHER! Katie's enjoyment of the school holidays is marred when Brian admits he has arranged for her to visit her Gran for the week. Katie is disheartened, as this will mean separation from Andy and her friends. A frustrated Cynthia finally tracks down Ray at The Woolpack to give him a piece of her mind about the heating packing up at their cottage. Ray is fairly non-committal about any repairs. Donna tries to matchmake Bob and Viv back into talking to each other. It doesn't help when Donna mentions Viv's visit to the solicitors. All Donna's efforts go to pot. Back to square one!


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