Small things continue to really annoy Bernice about Ashley. She considers this normal until Tricia points out that she loves Marlon even more because of his annoying habits. Bernice starts to question her real feelings for Ashley but she is comforted by her own thoughts. Ashley is troubled by Bernice's behaviour and realises that his putting the pressure on isn't helping her state of mind and promises to back off. But Bernice feels uncomfortable offering up false hope to Ashley and is forced to confess that she hates the thought of having more children. Ashley is left in turmoil wondering whether Bernice's issues are simply having more children or more children with him. Andy and Katie are making the most of their time alone together before Katie is banished to her grandparents. Their intimacy is disturbed, as there is a loud bang at the door. They panic, but have they been caught in the act? Viv's erratic behaviour finally drives Donna out. She arrives on Scott's doorstep complaining about Viv's late night entertaining with strange men. Scott is far from impressed with his mother's antics or his sister's arrival, and resolves to confront Viv about her intentions. Cynthia is furious when she learns Ray wants to rent out the cottage, but Latisha and Danny convince her to agree to start paying more rent. Meanwhile, Ray is cool on Louise when she wants another date. When Nicola resents being treated as a secretary by Maggie, she sabotages the letter to be sent out about Maggie's important meeting.


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