Ashley and Bernice have reached the point of no return and Bernice is forced to break the devastating news to her devoted husband. Despite their best efforts to make the marriage work, it looks as though the future will be brutal. But can the recently re-kindled relationship survive the devastation or is this the inevitable end to their relationship? Once again Ashley patiently tries to understand Bernice's reasoning. He is emotionally tired and listens anxiously as Bernice begins to open up. Bernice confesses she has been lying to herself about their relationship, hoping they would grow stronger in time, but in her mind they couldn't be more distant. Something tells Ashley this is the emotional tidal wave he has been waiting for and starts to realise it could well destroy them rather than cleanse their deep rooted problems. As Bernice's words hit home, Ashley is forced to realise that he is about to face rejection from the woman he loves and the mother of his child for the second time.


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  • The Vicarage - Living room, kitchen, hallway, Ashley & Bernice's room, upstairs hallway and front garden


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