Viv decides that it's time for action if she is ever to win Bob round. She opts for shock tactics and serves Bob with divorce papers! They have the desired effect and Bob is gobsmacked by her extreme step. He isn't the only one who is shocked, however, and Diane is furious at being dragged into their bitter fight. Viv is convinced that Bob will come crawling back to her when he sees the papers - but Bob has very different ideas and Viv's plan looks set to backfire until Donna intervenes. Andy is growing concerned that he can't get in touch with Katie. Meanwhile, her dad Brian tries to talk her through the "bird's and the bee's", but can't believe his ears when she reveals she is already on the pill! Bad blood is brewing once more between Jess and Maggie over a huge phone bill. Nicola seizes the chance to make an ally in Jess and admits that she planted the earring in Maggie and Phil's bed. Jess announces that she has invited her mother to stay and she and Nicola look forward to the trouble they know it will cause. Meanwhile, Chinese whispers spread through the village as Latisha announces that she suspects Danny of being gay and Bernice has a heart to heart with Diane and reveals that there is little chance of a reconciliation with Ashley.


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  • This was an hour-long episode.
  • A woman at a stall is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 9,980,000 viewers (9th place).
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