Nicola's nose is put out of joint when Rodney gives Maggie a present as a token of appreciation for her hard work. But the arrival of Jess' mum, Anne Marie, gives her the perfect opportunity for yet more scheming. Anne Marie's presence causes friction and Nicola feigns kindness and understanding towards Maggie in a bid to sew seeds for future plotting. Cynthia is concerned to hear that gossip is being spread about Danny's sexuality. Latisha suggests that they talk it through with him, safe in the knowledge that she is behind the whispers. But Danny is disappointed that Ollie could believe the stories. Zoe is starting to show signs of strain at work and even struggles to deal with a sick animal that needs putting down. Paddy is concerned, especially when Zoe reveals that she intends to have a night in with just a bottle for company. Viv and Bob, meanwhile, are thrilled to be back together and are trying to make their marriage work. But it is clear that Viv is still holding a grudge against Diane, who assures her that the feeling is mutual. Katie and Andy try to meet up without Brian's knowledge, while Louise is upset when Ray is cool towards her.


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