Maggie is confused when a group of travel agents arrive at the holiday village a day earlier - not realising that Nicola has been scheming again. Nicola can't resist the chance to drop Maggie in it and calls Rodney and Chris to let them know of the 'mistake' Maggie has made. The penny finally drops with Maggie when first she sees Nicola being friendly towards Anne Marie and then her delight when Chris and Rodney arrive in a rage. Quickly realising that she has been taken for a ride, Maggie sees red and attacks Nicola. But she makes more of a splash than she had intended! Paddy confides in Ashley that he is concerned about Zoe's behaviour. Ashley agrees to call round but is shocked to discover her drinking so early in the day Zoe has clearly drunk too much and when Ashley tries to talk to her, she makes it clear that she wants more than talk. Ashley is taken aback, particularly when Zoe starts attacking Ashley and Bernice's marriage. Chris is frustrated when he finds that he is short of staff for a rubbish truck. Charity suggests Zak and Chris is forced to admit that he could do worse. But Zak is no push over and starts negotiating more money and a job for Sam and Bob is delighted when Viv makes a real effort to rekindle their romance.


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