Following the dramatic events at the holiday village, Maggie is petrified that she is set to get the sack from Rodney for his daughter's dunking. Nicola, meanwhile, is looking forward to Maggie being fired so that she can run the holiday village all by herself. The moment arrives for Rodney to confront Maggie, but she refuses to roll over and decides to let Rodney know all about his scheming daughter. Rodney can't believe what he is hearing and asks Nicola for her side of events. Nicola remains smug and denies everything. But Rodney soon sees through her and sides with Maggie. Nicola is stunned - but there is worse to come! When Zoe calls in sick for work, Paddy and Ashley share their concerns. Ashley lets Paddy in on Zoe's behaviour the previous night and they both fear that drink is making her behave irrationally. But when he tries to tackle the subject with her, Zoe throws his offer of help back in his face and any concerns that Ollie may have had about Danny's sexuality are put firmly to bed!


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