Nicola is left shell shocked by Rodney's actions in sacking her. Anne Marie questions Maggie's relationship with Rodney implying that she saved her job lying on her back. Nicola revolts the idea, devastated that her plans have backfired on her. Once again Nicola reveals her true colours by burning her bridges with Jess as well. Promising that she has now been sober for months, Anne Marie makes an emotional plea asking Jess to come home. Meanwhile, at the Holiday Village, Maggie is on tender-hooks until Rodney delivers the good news as he asks her to continue her role as Holiday Park Manager. To cover his shame in his daughter's actions Rodney finds himself bending the truth about Nicola's dismissal. Jerry and Syd have been lynched, as they turn up for work only to find they are minus their tools. Viv suggests that the might have been Dingled! Angie is over the moon as she receives the phone call she has been waiting for. She feels she is finally routed back where she belongs. For the ReynoldsMarc's early release date is the icing on the cake - finally things appear to coming together. Over at The Woolpack, Phil and Maggie celebrate her re-instated job security. Maggie wallows in self-content as her findings have finally been recognised. The celebrations are short lived as Jess arrives to confront Maggie and Phil on her plans for the future. Noticing Zoe is down, Paddy assumes she is upset by her 'row' with Ashley and suggests that she try to make amends. Zoe is despondent knowing the real reason for their row.


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