Gloria is pleased when Eric starts to turn on the charm with Councillor Ledbetter. But when Eric broaches the subject of becoming mayor, Ledbetter quickly sees through Pollard's scheming and is furious that he is being used. It's time for Plan B. The gloves are off and Gloria suggests that it's time for a dirty tricks campaign. She has heard that Ledbetter has a secret teenage lover and encourages Eric to try his hand at blackmail! Latisha is struggling for cash and goes cap in hand to Gloria for a wage advance, but Gloria is unsympathetic. Cain insists that Gloria can help - even if she doesn't realise. Much to the horror - and excitement - of Latisha, he swipes Gloria's credit card and takes Latisha on a spending spree before asking Latisha to lose the card. Bernice is finding life at the pub with Gabby very difficult. Diane and Louise joke about how often Gabby wakes - but Bernice isn't laughing. Diane suggests that maybe they should rent out rooms at the pub and rent themselves a cottage with the proceeds. Marc is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to tell the truth about Gaz and the drugs or lie and put his release in jeopardy. Will he look after number one?


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