Flushed with the success of their shopping expedition courtesy of Gloria's stolen credit card, Cain warns Latisha that she must stay tight-lipped over their crime if they are to get away with it. But he is furious when he discovers that Latisha is strictly in the amateur league and hasn't dumped the credit card and is naively hoping to slip it back into Gloria's bag without her noticing. Latisha starts to panic and gets increasingly worried about being involved, but Cain enjoys teasing her about being attracted to a life of danger. Gloria, meanwhile, is set to discover that her card is missing - but will she realise that the thief is right under her nose? It's official - Diane is now joint licensee at The Woolpack with daughter Bernice. Bernice suggests that they should throw a party to let everyone know that both their names are above the door and even contemplates reverting to her maiden name. Viv is looking forward to the grand opening of the cafe and proudly invites Ashley along to do the honours. He politely accepts as Viv - tactful as always - explains the he needn't worry about Bernice and Diane showing up as they are due to go out with her builders!


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