Despite all her recent trauma and much to Diane's surprise, Bernice seems to be actually looking forward to their night on the tiles with builders Jerry and Syd. But Ashley isn't too taken by the notion that Bernice is already looking to start seeing other men. He has a heart to heart with Marlon and confesses that there isn't enough room in the village for the both of them. Someone has got to go! Desperate to appear upmarket, Viv plans to pull out all the stops for the grand opening of her café. But despite bringing in Marlon to help with the catering arrangements, Viv finds herself staring disaster in the face. After a calamity of events, she is forced to pay up when Syd and Jerry hold the café's electricity for ransom. But will she be able to save the day, and what will Bob make of Viv's choice of name for the diner? News of Nicola's 'resignation' travels fast, but Chloe - for one - is pleased with the gossip as she is first in line for an interview for vacant position. Nicola has other things on her mind, however, when Emily takes matters into her own hands and decides it's time for Nicola and Bernice to bury the hatchet. She drags her over to The Woolpack to face the music, but Nicola is sheepish and suspects that Bernice may be out for revenge. Meanwhile, Scott and Chloe return from their holiday only to discover that their house has been trashed. Scott has a good idea of who the culprit may be, though, and goes gunning for Donna.


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