Intending to dazzle Ray, Louise shows off a little black number to Diane. Louise's efforts in her appearance appear to have paid off until Ray makes a mysterious exit before dinner and does not return. Clock watching Louise is fed up convinced she's been stood up and dumped. Little does she realise that the reason for Ray not returning is because he has collapsed on the street outside! Ashley puts his words into actions as he arranges a meeting with the Archdeacon to discuss his future. Sadly things don't go as planned and he is forced to hear a few home truths. Ashley takes this news particularly badly and seeks refuge at the bottom of a bottle of brandy. Chloe is overly confident about getting Nicola's job - is she setting herself up for a fall as she suggests Scott puts the bubbly on ice? Things are certainly on the up for Syd and Jerry. But their new line looks decidedly bent as Ray requests their services and fresh from their night out with Bernice and Diane, Syd and Jerry can't believe their luck and think they've hit the jackpot by meeting a mother and daughter combo that run a boozer! Tricia probes Diane for gossip from the double date. Bernice and Diane both agree they had a great time. Diane has designs on a big future, but Jerry isn't quite as keen on the idea of a relationship. Café Hope is frantic. Viv tries to rope Bob in as backup as Emily gets an ear bashing from her ex-driving instructor! Seeing the Café is under pressure and bursting at the seams, Cynthia offers Danny's services in an apron as he is looking for a job.


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