Questioning his state of mind and profession, Ashley takes off his dog collar and gives it to Edna, claiming that he won't be needing it anymore. Bernice is flabbergasted to hear that Ashley is considering giving up the cloth and is moving away - but how can she stop him? Rodney asks Nicola if she would be interested in working on a cruise ship for a friend - but Nicola is convinced that her dad is just trying to get rid of her. Hungover from the excesses of the night before Louise reflects on Ray's actions in abandoning her and decides to wash her hands of the situation. Embarrassed by his weakness Ray requests anonymity about his medical condition but thanks Scott for his concern. Taking centre stage in The Woolpack Ray makes an attempt to talk to Louise. To the amusement of regulars he is promptly given the cold shoulder and has no option but to leave. Chloe is forced to respect Ray's privacy as Scott has to physically stop Chloe as she goes to explain Ray's disappearance to Louise. After advice from Scott, Ray takes Louise aside and explains that he has diabetes and explains his disappearance. Louise is taken by his honesty. Meanwhile, at the Vet's Surgery, Craig draws attention to Zoe's increasingly careless behaviour. Paddy angrily snaps at Craig, expressing his concern. Paddy's concern for Zoe's health gets him into hot water as he confronts her about her drinking. At Café Hope Viv tries to knock Danny into tip top waiter shape, with no avail. Danny isn't knocked out by his new 'uniform', stressing the importance of 'street cred' and not looking like the village idiot! There is still a very bitter taste in Nicola's mouth as she confronts Rodney about interviewing Chloe for her old job. It turns out Chloe has set herself up for a fall, as Maggie reveals that she did not get the job at Dale Park. All is not lost, however, as Viv steps in with an offer.


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