Although Ashley will sadly miss Gabby, he can no longer handle seeing Bernice every day. Unable to resist meddling, Edna pays Bernice a visit demanding to know whether Bernice is going to allow Ashley to walk away from his profession and parish. Bernice's insecurities surface as it becomes clear that people are pointing the finger of blame at her for Ashley's decision. Feeling the heat, Bernice contemplates whether she should be the one to leave. Bernice is troubled by the pressure on her to do the right thing and goes to see Ashley to try and work things out. Much to Katie's disappointment Brian is still laying down the law about seeing Andy, although he allows her to see Lucy. While Andy is left in the cold, Katie and Lucy get into a girlie gossip about Andy and sex, until Brian interrupts them. Cynthia is still breathing down Latisha's neck about money, reminding her of bills to pay. It's second time lucky for Ray and Louise as they go on their second attempt at their first date. Viv is highly excitable about having Chloe working for her in the Café, but Chloe is starting to have her reservations.


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