There is no time like the present and Rodney informs Bernice that if she wants the job on the ship, it leaves that evening. Hesitant at first, Bernice questions whether she is doing the right thing. As she looks around she sees the trouble she has caused and is afraid of what she would stay for, her mind is suddenly clear. Once again Bernice is tearful as she says her goodbyes. Tricia begs Bernice not to go, but Bernice is firm in her decision. Unable to contain her emotion Bernice faces the toughest farewell of all in Ashley and daughter Gabby. Diane breaks down and tells Bernice that she is leaving with her blessing and her love. Meanwhile, Brian lets his guard down temporarily and lets Katie get the bus to school with the others. Andy does not return Katie's affectionate greeting, accusing her of avoiding him. Clearly pre-occupied Katie snaps that she doesn't need him pressuring her at the moment and later reveals to Lucy the reason for her concern - she thinks she is pregnant! Sneaking out of Ray's cottage at dawn gave Louise an immense sense of satisfaction. She breezes into The Woolpack on cloud nine until she hears of Bernice's departure and is brought promptly back down to earth.


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