Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, Katie withholds her fears of being pregnant. Worried that Andy might abandon her if her fears are true Katie stalls for time. Misreading Katie's quietness Andy questions whether she is about to end their relationship. Little does he know there is a far greater subject involving the future of their relationship on her mind! Appreciating Andy's concern and no longer about unable to keep her worry to herself, Katie reveals what is really on her mind. Katie's concerns appear to be justified, as Andy is deeply shocked. Unwillingly Katie admits that she may have missed taking the pill a few times! The couple bravely accept their responsibilities and acknowledge that ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Latisha doesn't take much persuading when Cain suggests that she bunks the afternoon off work to be with him. They proceed to give Charity's gold card a bashing as they go on a wild shopping spree in Hotten. After a profitable day the couple decide to stash the swag in order to sell it on the following day. Latisha is exhilarated by their deceptive actions. Feeling smug about her new found wealth and goods, Latisha finds herself even more drawn to Cain's lifestyle. Craig worries Zoe is out of sorts after he finds her at home in her dressing gown surrounded by week old mess. Offering to lend a hand, Emily is surprised that Zoe is about to be cut off by the gas company for not paying her bills. Louise certainly realises that a dog is a man's best friend as she is lumbered with looking after Ray's Bolan while he is away.


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