Sheepishly Andy purchases a pregnancy test and produces it for Katie who is waiting anxiously outside the chemist. Reluctant at first Andy persuades Katie that they have come this far and that she should take the test in the nearby public toilets. Not surprisingly Katie is uncomfortable about the idea, but agrees they need to know their future. Panic stricken Louise brings Bolan to the vets worried as in her care the dog has become ill. Louise's worst fears are confirmed as Zoe's diagnoses a fatal illness and informs her that the dog will have to be put down. Seeing the commotion in the surgery Paddy takes Zoe aside and questions the diagnosis, offering to re-examine the animal. As Paddy re-asseses Bolan, Zoe accuses him of undermining her authority until Paddy points out Zoe's mistake - the dog only has a common cold. Using the opportunity to express his concern Paddy suggests that Zoe may need some medical help. Suspicions are raised as Latisha swans around the village showing off her new clothes. Cain is quick to warn Latisha of the attention she is attracting. Latisha is oblivious to the fact that Cain is only covering his own back and has little real concern for her.


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