Now more than ever, Katie and Andy feel the need to be together. But their requests to see each other go unheard as Brian and Jack still dismiss as immature their claims that they love each other. Brian humours their declaration but questions how they'd react if they got pregnant, unaware that they have already been forced to consider that. Suspicious that Cain has something to do with the credit card theft, Angie warns him that she is keeping a very watchful eye. Feeling the heat, Cain is beginning to get restless and plans to jump ship for a while. Not wanting to be left on her own to face the music, Latisha decides she will tag along. Not appreciating her offer of company Cain squirms as he fishes for an excuse. Looking after number one again, Latisha hopes she can palm Kirk off on Cynthia. Spotting the potential to earn a buck, Zak becomes over keen on helping the environment by recycling cans.


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