Fed up of banging their heads against brick walls Katie and Andy decide it is time to take matters in to their own hands. The youngsters feel they are forced to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. Broaching the idea of going away for the weekend, Latisha uses Kirk as a persuasive tool. It is clear that Cynthia has no intention of letting Cain near Kirk, insisting Latisha leave him behind. Latisha's plan to get Cynthia to baby sit has worked. Calling Cain's bluff, Latisha announces she has tied up her responsibilities and is ready to go away with him. Suddenly getting cold feet, Cain tries to dissuade Latisha from coming on the trip, but Latisha will not be given the brush off. A holiday is in order for Zoe as the doctor has prescribed anti-depressants and rest, once again Paddy is left to man the fort. Once again Emily meets an obstacle as she finds herself black listed after looking for a new driving instructor.


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