Katie re-assures Andy that she still stands firm on their decision. Despite their plans the parental barrier is still strong as the couple are barred from seeing each other. In order to lull their fathers into a false sense of security they plot to pretend they have split up in the hope that their separation will be lifted. Latisha avidly awaits Cain's return after selling their swag as he promises to take her to the airport. Lifted by the possibility of being away for a while, Latisha tells Gloria not to keep her job open. Having flogged the 'hot' DVD's Cain offers Latisha a measly return on her investment. Fed up with the burden, Cain takes matters into his own hands by driving off and leaving Latisha in mid sentence and with no money. Will Latisha follow him, or has she finally got the message that Cain is bad news? Louise finds herself standing up for Ray, as Charity suggests his reputation isn't as pure as the driven snow. Zak has taken his new paper recycling interest a step too far as The Woolpack mysteriously runs out of toilet paper.


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