Dreading having to face the music Latisha is glum at the thought of trying to get her job back after she confidently told Gloria to stick it. Having been left high and dry by Cain, it is back to the real world as Latisha's ego falls swiftly back down to earth. Gloria can't resist the opportunity to rub Latisha's face in it, as she quizzes her about her very short holiday. As if Latisha isn't having a bad enough day, things get worse as Cynthia finds a credit card receipt supposedly signed by Charity in her coat pocket. Once again Latisha is getting hot under the collar as she begins to wonder what she ever saw in Cain for all the trouble is has caused. Zak is caught trying to make a bit on the side as Charity rumbles his re-cycling racket. Convinced she knows a come-on when she sees one Peg shows her appreciation to an unsuspecting Alan. Zak is tickled by the idea of Peg chasing Alan and teases her about the glint in her eye. Egged on by Zak's taunts Peg wastes no time. Alan falls victim to Peg's manhunt.


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