Latisha is determined to bury her head in the sand leaving Cynthia unsettled. Cynthia feels she has no option but to come clean on her daughter's behalf. Hoping that Charity may live up to her name Cynthia makes the journey to Home Farm to tell her about her credit card. Charity does not take the news lightly, having no sympathy for Latisha's naive actions in getting involved with Cain. Suspicions are raised into Eric's motive as they rush to organise their wedding ceremony. Peg continues to stalk Alan following him to The Woolpack much to the amusement of Tricia and Diane. Alan is becoming increasingly twitchy, as he can't seem to shake Peg off. He is caught like a rabbit in the headlights as Peg insists on joining him for a drink. Katie swears Lucy to secrecy before telling her pregnancy plans.


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