As the votes are cast Eric is glad to see the fruits of his labour as things appear to be in his favour. Gloria and Glynis are full of icy politeness, each smugly pitying each other. A somewhat love struck Glynis has the deciding vote as she gazes deeply into Eric's eyes, she decides his future. Annoyed at being taken to the cleaners Chris is critical of Rodney's rash decision to sack Nicola. Trying another tact Chris suggests they try to bribe her to back down. Will Nicola take the cash and be silenced or will she fight her father in court? Diane and Jerry talk about the direction of their relationship, she feels dejected and disappointed. Jerry later regrets his decision as he sees Diane has wasted no time entertaining other men. With two men competing for her attention Diane uses their affections to her advantage. The Woolpack soon has a busy workforce of Diane's admirers planting hanging baskets for the village in bloom.


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