As sirens ring out across the village, Diane rushes from The Woolpack to see paramedics rushing a familiar face towards an ambulance on a stretcher. The victim is in a bad way, frail, helpless and clearly fighting for their life as paramedics do their best to save them. There is a deafening silence as the ambulance veers away leaving all onlookers bewildered. Diane is clearly worried. Desperate to make the best impression, Brian is eager to re-assure Diane and offer his support. But Brian finds himself second in the queue as Jerry is already on the scene busying away with plant boxes for the Village in Bloom. The two males are quickly involved in a territorial joust for Diane's attentions! Charity finds herself behind the wheel as one of her drivers has called in sick. Not wanting to lose business through short staffing, Charity announces her intention to drive the truck herself - much to Chris's disapproval. With her newly found green fingers Tricia finds herself in hot water with Marlon as their bank account is in the red! But their money worries could be over as Marlon stumbles on a wind fall after visiting the post office!


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