News from the hospital isn't good and Diane paces the hospital hallway waiting for word after Rodney's emergency operation. Unaware of the drama unfolding, Nicola is nowhere to be found and there is increasing heaviness as her dad's condition worsens. Oblivious of Rodney's condition, and being her usual cold self, Nicola is rude to Louise when Louise expresses her concern. She can't believe her ears when Louise spells out the severity of what has happened. Nothing could have prepared Nicola for seeing Rodney at the hospital and, as reality sinks in, Nicola begins to panic. As the guilt begins to set in, Nicola reflects on the past week and wonders how much time she may have left with him. Under the circumstances Diane finds herself comforting Nicola, for the first time feeling united in each other's concern. They both brace themselves as the Doctor quietly asks if he can speak in private to talk to them both about Rodney's condition. Meanwhile, at The Woolpack, Tricia complements Brian on the fruits of his labour assuring that Diane will appreciate his good work. Brian is hopeful! Marlon shrewdly keeps his windfall to himself, although gossip has already spread in The Woolpack and he is attracting fickle friends! Tricia is suspicious of all the fuss, until Cynthia let's the good news slip! Determined to teach Marlon a lesson about keeping secrets, Tricia gets her own back!


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