Praising Charity on her efficiency on the delivery, Terry assures that he will pass his complements on to Chris. Charity's run appears to be running very smoothly until they become concerned about the strange noises in the back of the truck. Convinced they aren't hearing things Terry bravely decided to check their stock, only to find more stock than they had initially accounted for! The illegitimate load raises Charity's suspicions, who has pulled the wool over her eyes? She has a feeling the culprit may be fairly close to home! Meanwhile, the village is pulling together and giving Diane their support in regular visits to Rodney. But there is a deep concern for his health as Rodney's spirits appear to be weakening as he turns offers of help away. Scott's risks his reputation as the honest mechanic as he and Tony agree to do some "hot" business. Realising he is jeopardising his career, Scott keeps his secret well hidden from Len and Chloe.


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