Charity's suspicions are confirmed, as she is furious to uncover Ray's involvement with illegal immigrant trafficking. Determined not to let Chris know of the delivery complications Charity vows to tackle Ray on her own! Punching above her weight, Charity learns that Ray's antics cannot be brushed under the carpet and realises it is time to come clean to Chris. With the trafficking out in the open, Ray begins to show his true colours and Charity and Chris are stunned into silence. Meanwhile, the severity of Rodney's condition begins to hit home and there are some tough decisions to be made and Zak, of all people, is on hand to offer some heart felt advice. Tony and Scott have a close call when their car-ringing racket is nearly unveiled. Café Hope goes "Cyber" as Viv brings Emmerdale to the rest of the world by installing a computer. Rows break out as the leading ladies of the village battle to replace Bernice as chairperson for the Village in Bloom competition.


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