Reaping the benefits of his fraudulent behaviour, Scott treats Chloe to a night on the tiles! As they sneak back into the village, the sports car they are driving appears to cause quite a stir! As curtains begin to twitch, suspicions are raised as to how Scott's humble salary could stretch so far. Collared by Len, Scott is forced to think on his feet dismissing any unusual behaviour, Len is unconvinced. Probing a little further Len finds out more than he was bargaining for when he uncovers Scott's racket. The criminal activities in the village is affecting more people than the obvious as Louise is upset to hear that the Tates have shunned Ray's business. Itching to reveal Ray's true colours, Terry is caught in a moral dilemma when Louise questions everyone's distrust in Ray. The Tates turn their back on Ray flatly refusing to be associated with him, raising Louise's suspicions further. Ray skirts the subject when Louise questions the strange tension in the village, realising the truth is a little too close for comfort! Ray is forced to open up to Louise before his growing enemies get there first, but how far does he stretch the truth? Meanwhile, Nicola appoints herself as management in the surgery when Zoe does not return from the airport as planned.


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