Things are getting a little too cramped in Pear Tree Cottage as Syd is making himself very much at home! Chloe uses Scott's frustration to her advantage suggesting that he could always whisk her away to another swanky hotel! Scott feels under pressure as Chloe is clearly enjoying the fruits of his illegitimate labour! Realising her authority is under threat, Nicola is worried as Paddy questions her changes in the surgery. Zoe is increasingly out of sorts as she arrives back from her holiday at Home Farm forgetting that she no longer lives there! Paddy is worried that her promises of being 'on the wagon' may have been broken. Nicola tries her best to relay her organisational skills when Zoe arrives at the surgery. Zoe is despondent. It is clear to Paddy that the holiday hasn't relieved Zoe's stresses and the drinking has obviously got worse. Maggie is at the mercy of her ex-husband as he is still making life difficult for her from afar. Len informs Scott that he has no intentions of ignoring his racket and plans to hand him over to the authorities and alert Angie as to what is going on. Scott is forced to decide between the money Chloe has become accustomed to, or a possible jail sentence.

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