Ray persists to weave a clever web of deceit around Louise as his true colours begin to unveil. Louise is surprisingly susceptible to having the wool pulled over her eyes. Will Terry be able to break the spell? Ray makes sure he silences Terry, threatening him to stay away from Louise. Zoe's drinking habits appear to have left every one treading on eggshells. Deeply embarrassed about the pass Zoe had made for him, Ashley is on edge as Zoe appears on his doorstep! What will she be after now? Paddy's patience is running out as he finds Zoe in The Woolpack drinking on her own again! Slumped in the corner Zoe gives Paddy no choice but to cover her shifts at the 'sluurgery!' Meanwhile, Charity and Terry are forced to do the bin run when both Zak and Phil call in 'sick', and when Tony won't let him back out of the racquet, Scott agrees to move it elsewhere.

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