Phil is forced to come clean to Charity about his moon lighting and Charity is forced to take drastic actions in sacking him on the spot. Despite Ray's threats, Terry feels he has no option but to speak to Louise. Unfortunately his plans backfire. It appears once again Ray has got there before him. Convinced Terry is trying to sabotage her newfound relationship, Louise angrily dismisses his allegations. Terry is devastated as his attempts to blacken Ray's halo are ruled out. Despite working like a dog, Latisha seems to be getting nowhere fast with her mounting debts. Charity is cautious as Chloe tries to persuade her not to be so hard on Latisha. Unfortunately the wound is deepened as Charity accuses Latisha of using her friends to weasel her way of her debt. Alan lays down the law as Mack moves into the B&B not wanting any trouble out of him. Louise teases Diane about Mack's motives in moving into the village to be closer to her! Brushing off Louise's reason, Diane is secretly pleased that the burley builder is stopping for a while.

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