Emily finds herself unexpectantly drawn to the children from the local children's home as they visit the Vets Surgery. Paddy carefully shows the children the workings of a vets surgery. The children are in awe! The visit is cut short as Paddy is called out to help Zoe finish her rounds and the kids are ferried away. On tidying the mess in the surgery Emily is shocked to come across a stray, but not the kind of stray that usually gets veterinary attention! Emily entertains Damian as she realises he has been left behind by the bus! Temporarily dropping his mayoral charm defensive, Eric makes a cutting remark leaving Damian in despair. Upset that Damian has been left behind, Emily arranges for social services to come and pick him up. Diane may have pushed her affections too far as Mack backs off at the mention of a romantic meal in! Meanwhile, Latisha tries to prise an advance on her child benefit out of Emily. Plan A doesn’t work, but Latisha spies Alan withdrawing large amounts of cash from the post office after her and is eager to put plan B into action! Eric and Gloria dress in golden finery to gallantly do their mayoral rounds, and in contrast to Emily's affection, Viv is furious to find her chocolate stocks are low after the gaggle of children have passed through.


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  • A few of the children are uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 8,920,000 viewers (12th place).
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