Deflated from the events of the evening before, Diane takes a long hard look at herself in the mirror and is not happy with what she sees. Aware that she is no spring chicken, Diane feels a fool for ever thinking her new found relationship would last. Not realising the depths of her despair, Louise teases Diane about her competition, as Diane tries desperately to cover her hurt. Determined to find out if Mack came home after his evening out, Diane goes in search of the truth. Using a Rodney visit as an excuse, Diane heads over to the B&B to see if Mack is shacked up with his ex. Emily makes a conscious decision that she would like to be involved with disadvantaged children, when Jack suggests she look into fostering. Worried about how much experience she would need, Emily is assured by Jack that she has always been great with Victoria. Meanwhile, Nicola steps up her claim for wrongful dismissal, forcing Chris to haggle with her, and Katie and Andy continue their façade pretending they can’t stand the sight of each other.

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