On call to a job in Halifax for a few days, Mack tells Diane of his departure. Diane takes the news badly convinced he is trying to let her down gently. Determined to reject him before he rejects her, Diane feigns aloofness and practically chucks him out. Although confused by Diane's actions, Mack feels that maybe he had his wires crossed about Diane as she was so blasé about their relationship. Louise is compelled to stick her oar in, as Mack seems prepared to walk away from Diane without a fight. Will Mack let Diane know that all is not lost or walk away leaving his damsel in distress? Emily is forced to come clean to Paddy about her plans to foster. Having done her homework, Emily insists they don’t have to be married when Paddy disputes their status in relationship to fostering. Shocked by Emily's persistence, Paddy bluntly insists that it would be the last thing on his mind considering the problems he is having at work. Syd is making a nuisance of himself again as he muscles in on Chloe while Scott is out. Tired and withdrawn, Scott returns to find Syd drinking with Chloe. Feeling dejected Scott asserts his territory. Nicola impresses Rodney by finally standing on her own two feet as she suggests she will use the settlement money wisely. It has taken a heart attack but the two appear to be closer than ever!


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