Feeling guilty about his outburst, when Emily suggested fostering, Paddy has had time to digest the idea. Admitting he has over reacted, Emily is encouraged and asks Paddy to think it over. Paddy is proud that Emily feels so much compassion and pleasantly surprised by her ground work but he has a lot on his plate at the moment. Seizing the opportunity to air his worries, Paddy confesses to Chris that Zoe’s behaviour is getting more worrying. Chris wonders if it's because the following week is the fifth anniversary of Frank's death, and is forced to acknowledge that Zoe's problem is getting worse after Paddy tells him about the drugs she's been taking, as well as the amount of alcohol she's been drinking. Defensive towards Chris on his arrival, Zoe disputes that she has been drinking too much. Unaware that she is the talk of the village, Zoe is annoyed and throws Chris out. Chris isn’t the only one to be thrown out as Scott is at the end of his tether with Syd. Overhearing Syd bragging to Mack about Chloe is the final straw for Scott. Syd returns home to find that he doesn’t have to pack his bags after all - Scott has done it for him and they are by the door ready to go!

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