Having hardly slept a wink a dishevelled Zoe arrives early at the surgery. Nicola helps to ease Zoe's apparent anxiety by answering the phones. Deeply concerned by Zoe's behaviour Paddy collars Chris to get his opinion. Seemingly aware of what may be bothering Zoe, Chris appears unsympathetic. On the anniversary of their father's death, Chris is conscious that Zoe might be taking things badly. Having visited Frank's grave Chris is worried, as it is the first time ever he has beaten Zoe in laying flowers. Could this explain Zoe's unease? Unable to work properly Paddy sends Zoe home suggesting she visit Frank's grave. Having been given the boot, Syd tries his charms on Chloe as he tries to worm his way back into Pear Tree Cottage. Unaware that Syd is staying with an ex-girlfriend, Chloe is taken in by his sob story and is on the warpath for Scott. Feeling frisky Diane and Mack make use of the back room in The Woolpack. Edna is incensed by Diane flaunting her relationship.

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