Zoe’s lights have been on all night, it is apparent she hasn’t had much sleep! Hiding behind the door Zoe is cautious about letting Paddy in, faking illness. Confused by Zoe's actions Paddy is forced to leave but Zoe's illness appears short-lived as she is later found drinking alone in the Woolpack. Bottling up her anxiety Zoe keeps a beady eye on Charity as she flirts with Syd. Unable to contain her jealousy any longer Zoe throws herself at Charity, much to the shock of all onlookers and Charity herself! Dejected Zoe is forced to leave the pub. Confused and emotionally vulnerable Zoe stumbles from the Woolpack. A friendly face stops to see if she is OK. Zoe misreads this and returns her affections as she uncharacteristically turns her attention to a man! Her advances are not rebuked this time as the pass quickly turns to passion. Later Charity calls on Zoe, worried about her behaviour in the Woolpack. Nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to witness! Scott is increasingly showing his jealous streak and decides to prove his point to Chloe with a surprise partner! Syd begins to make advances on Chloe. He asks her to accompany him to lunch and she accepts! At lunch Syd goes in for the kill, but does Chloe respond? Emily and Paddy get an unexpected lodger!


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