Having blanked the events from the day before, Zoe struggles to understand why Charity has not returned her affections. There is a realisation that Zoe's behaviour has been building up for months as Chris and Charity discuss the extent of the situation. It becomes more apparent that Zoe needs urgent medical help, but she does not take kindly to being told she is mentally ill. Having stolen Charity's car keys Zoe takes off, desperate to escape her emotions. Conscious of Zoe's constant references to their past relationship, Charity heads the search for Zoe with one place in mind! As the dust settles there is a clash of consciences as Scott and Chloe tiptoe round each other! Scott apologises to Syd asking him to stay, unaware of his recent advances on Chloe! Having been knocked back by Chloe, Syd spies an easy target in Nicola as she makes her intentions for him clear! Syd seizes the opportunity and invites her back to his, much to the annoyance of Scott and Chloe!

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