Having difficulty accepting the situation, Chris is torn by Zoe’s behaviour. Having called for medical help Charity is concerned that the route of the problem may be a reaction caused by the combination of alcohol and Zoe's anti depressants. The doctor confirms that they will need a further medical examination, as he is concerned Zoe is not telling him the truth after questioning. The severity of Zoe's condition becomes obvious to Chris. Latisha’s desire to do the right thing backfires as Alan catches her red handed! Nicola has quickly made herself at home at Pear Tree Cottage as the scantily clad visitor cooks breakfast for Syd and herself! It has clearly touched a nerve with Chloe but Scott is highly amused by the display. Later Syd and Scott have a manly chat as Scott tries to prise the gory details out! Syd insists he has no intention to commit. Bonded by the male talk, Scott offers advice on Nicola's entrapment tendencies!

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