The villagers are in party mood as they prepare for the Jubilee extravaganza that lies ahead. But 15-year-old Jubilee Queen, Katie, has nerves for a different reason as she is constantly interrupted while trying to take a pregnancy test. She finally finds a moment alone and is filled with mixed emotions as the test proves positive. Katie doesn't have long to digest the news, however, before she is caught out and forced to thrust the pregnancy kit on Donna as she is called for a photograph. Unfortunately, Donna's mum and village gossip Viv rumbles what is going on and Donna is forced to reveal all. As Katie boards the float for her crowning glory, she signals to Andy that the their secret efforts to start a family have been successful. Andy is shocked by the news, but that's nothing compared to what comes next! As Betty comments on the innocent beauty of Katie, Viv can hold her tongue no longer and blurts out to the village that Katie is pregnant. Brian and Jack are gobsmacked and the stunned villagers take dramatic action after learning that it was deliberate. Elsewhere, the Tates lay on free drinks in The Woolpack and Scott is growing increasingly uneasy at the talk of Zoe's strange behaviour.


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  • This episode was broadcast was shown on Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday at 7.30pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,160,000 viewers (22nd place).

Memorable dialogue

Viv Hope: "Bob, the queen is pregnant!"
Bob Hope: "I always thought Philip had a twinkle."

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