The pressure of living at home with Brian is becoming too much for Katie and she arrives at the Sugden's seeking sanctuary. But Jack's dismissive attitude backfires and he succeeds only in driving Andy out of his home too. Diane takes pity on the youngsters and offers to let them stay at the pub – suggesting to Jack that they need time and space to sort out their differences. But as they settle in at The Woolpack, the enormity of the situation hits home and Andy struggles to find the words to comfort a distraught Katie. Diane is on hand to offer some words of wisdom to Katie, but asserts that she is disappointed in Andy and never thought that he could be so irresponsible and selfish. Ashley and Paddy are becoming increasingly frustrated at Chris for refusing to make Zoe seek help. Chris is annoyed at their insistence but eventually starts to see sense when his sister starts to talk of a conspiracy. Scott is the only one relieved at Zoe's state of mind and realises that she remembers nothing of their close encounter and, BettyCam lands Seth in hot water once again and Edna forces him to pull the plug!


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